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February 5th Playlist

February 5, 2017

RADIO 94.7 joins the world in music discovery every Sunday night with Passport Approved! Tune in every Sunday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm to hear bands and artists from across the globe!  

This is from February 5th's show! 

VANT – “Do You Know Me” (Parlophone, UK) 

DARLING – “Bright Light Switch” (Faction Records, Ireland) 

KATEA – “California Baby “(BMG, Scandinavia)

PACESHIFTERS – “Draw A Blank” (Unsigned, Holland) 

SCHWARZ – “Home” (Spinnin’, Holland)

WHITE LIES – “Hold Back Your Love” (Infectious BMG, UK) 

THE DAHMERS – “Nightcrawler” (Lövely Records, Sweden) 

HER – “Five Minutes” (ZRP, France) 

FAITALA – “Forty-One” (Tiny Records, UK) 

LAUREN WALLER – “Wonderful Life” (Unsigned, N. America) 

TOUT VAN BIEN  - “Goodbye” (Parlophone, Belgium) 

BLACK HONEY – “Hello Today” (Fox Five Records, UK) 

AFFAIRS – “Life Of Leisure” (Fierce Panda, UK) 

RUEN BROTHERS – “Unknown” (Unsigned, UK) 

CATHOLIC ACTION – “Rita Ora” (Luv Luv Luv Records, Scotland) 

BANFI – “Happy When You Go” (Communion Records, UK) 

SPEAKER FIRST – “The Anthem” (Unsigned, Indonesia) 

TASH SULTANA – “Jungle” (Unsigned, Australia) 

BEN HAZELWOOD – “Sail Away” (Unsigned, New Zealand) 

RAT BOY – “Lovers Law” (Parlophone, UK) 

VANDER – “Back To The Sun” (Unsigned, Australia) 

DED RABBIT – “Figurine” (Unsigned, Scotland) 

DECLAN MCKENNA – “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home” (HQPM, UK) 

JOHNOSSI – “Weak Spots” (Universal, Sweden) 

THOMAS AZIER – “Talk To Me” (Universal, Holland) 

WHO KILLED BRUCE LEE – “Born Addicted” (Unsigned, Lebanon) 

ALLURI – “Evari Kosam” (Unsigned, India) 

CRAWLING KING SNAKE – “Sidelines” (Unsigned, South Africa) 

LEAONE – “Goldtooth” (Unsigned, UK) 

SHAKES – “Strange Sides” (Unsigned, New Zealand)