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steering wheel

WATCH: This Is the Worst Parallel Park Job of All Time

NSFW VIDEO WARNING: The Irish curse. A lot. Ah, the Irish. Known for their love of the drink, the color green, and, as of late, their hilarious viral videos. There was that one time they set out to “ fix the car for the boys in green .” Then there was that time they celebrated a lone French man and... Read More
Actress Rose Leslie and Kit Harington at the Los Angeles Premiere for The Seventh Season Of HBO's "Game Of Thrones"

Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington Walk into a Costume Party...

WARNING : This post contains ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers! Back in a time when most of the Starks were still alive, Game of Thrones fans were introduced to Ygritte. And while fans acquainted themselves with Ygritte, she “acquainted” herself with the crow Jon Snow. Though their onscreen love affair... Read More
Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

LISTEN: Foo Fighters Share 'Concrete and Gold' Outtake, "Soldier"

Following the September release of Concrete and Gold , the Foo Fighters have shared a completely new song called “Soldier.” The song is an outtake from the Concrete and Gold recording sessions but will be released a little differently. Enter: 7-Inches for Planned Parenthood , a box set made up of 7... Read More
Fall Out Boy

Can Confirm: Fall Out Boy Have Finished Recording 'Mania'

In a new interview , Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz confirmed that the band has finished recording its forthcoming album, M A N I A . Back in April 2017, Fall Out Boy detailed M A N I A , announcing it was set for a September 2017 release. But by August, the band decided to push that date back a... Read More
candy corn

POLL: Candy Corn - Love It or Hate It?

It's one of the most heated debates every October. No, we're not talking about politics. We're not even talking about the MLB playoffs. We're talking about ... candy corn. You know... the treat that is made from sugar, corn syrup, wax, artificial coloring and binders. Many find it to be a delicious... Read More
cell phone

The next big puzzle game on your dumb phone is here

I don't know if it's my mother's love of puzzling, my ability to solve the Rubik's cube in under 30 seconds, or just the need to avoid conversations with people on the light rail, but we're always looking for a new cool game to get sucked into. Candy Crush , Two Dots , 2048 - all games that at... Read More

Record Store Day Announces Black Friday 2017 Releases

The complete list of Black Friday 2017 Record Store Day releases has been announced, and there are some goodies to look out for in three types of releases: Record Store Day Exclusive Release, Record Store Day Limited Run / Regional Focus Release, and Record Store Day First Release. Below, we’ve... Read More

LISTEN: Kick off "Happy Hour" Early with This New Weezer Song

At the top of the month, Weezer teased that they might share one more song before releasing their forthcoming album, Pacific Daydream , and the band just made good on its promise. With a little more than a week to go before Pacific Daydream ’s release, “Happy Hour” is here! The new song serves as a... Read More
Beck and Win Butler of Arcade Fire

WATCH: Arcade Fire and Beck Perform on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

This week brought some solid acts on The Ellen DeGeneres Show , including Arcade Fire and Beck , and it sounds like Ellen is a big fan of both bands! On October 18, Arcade Fire performed the title track off their newest album, Everything Now , for the first time on daytime TV. Watch their... Read More

Here Are the Most Popular Liquors in Each State

If you’re a whiskey fan, then this is the post for you. Please read on. If you’re not a whiskey fan, then this is the post for you. Please read on. According to information gathered by analyzing images and posts from the 700,000 young people using the social drinking app BARTRENDr, whiskey is one... Read More